Sunday, November 21, 2010

another time to go back
going back to the wet long nights,
to the endless lingering
and perhaps to the final days of my own life
who knows it all?

Rain drops forging patterns in the sacred pond
Dawns are still beautiful
as they give hope to meet your eyes
somewhere among that silent crowd
making their way to the temple

On a Sunday after the mass
somewhere there around the Church
Or may be on a Friday afternoon
Who knows where you are!

I have to tell you something...
that I am scared
During nights like this when my sleep's fled
and restlessly roaming somewhere there
I smell the freshly brought jasmine flowers
hear the drums and see the vermilion marks
I can feel the uneasiness of my caretakers

Oh before I got handed over
I must meet you
and tell you that
this is not what i want.


"I'm at the shore
It is silent
No ripples embrace me
Let me not think about you

my dreams are dozing at your eyelids
right there
My ears are dumb as they couldn't listen to you
Still I can feel the echoes of that song of solitude

The lake is still
as if it is frozen
I can see the face you used to take in your hands
I can see the eyes that dreamt of your dreams
This is the face you loved once
Yes this is the face you loved once".

Thus she stayed there
And fell in love with herself
I do not know
if she turned to a flower later on
Who cares!!!

A Question

Teacher me no english speak good
my dad no english speak
my mom Nooo english speak
me very rich
me england live now
why now english learn?


drops that rolled out of my eyes
defying all my commands,
do they reflect you my love?
or are those mirrors of my sight?