Saturday, August 25, 2012

Anamika: An anecdote of a fragrant candle which is being blown out

There are occasions when we want to be quiet and be understood. There are times when we feel like opening ourselves up to the world so that someone might chance to pay heed to what we are yelling out. Also there are times when we do everything possible to make our dear ones understand what we really think, what we really feel when they think that we are completely inebriated or out of our minds. People take different paths at this juncture, probably with great pain and agony. This is the story of a girl who got stranded in the labyrinth of life and sensing the aloofness of her heart trying to figure her way out of the mesh.
Anamika means nameless: hence she can be one of you or may be myself. Still this story is just a story and you might find it least convincing. Well, here pops up the questions of family bondages, fidelity, relationship stresses and the vengeance that is part and parcel of the universal phenomenon called LOVE. Love in its vigorous forms adds colours to your life and at times how vicious it can not be! This is also the story of people who have loved and lost. There are characters that resemble many of our acquaintances. You might or might not have come across people whom I introduce to you. To some extend I think we all are types. At the same time we are special in our own ways.
This is a world full of emotions, anxieties, greed, grudge and reprisal. Still I believe love can light a candle which can brighten the micro space it occupies and opening the windows of our heart is what we should do to be sensitive to be exposed to the light of virtue that is around us. I believe sometime, somewhere in our distant future we will all be united, we will all be threaded together onto the fabric of love and we will solve the bewildering puzzle of life thus!

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