Thursday, June 28, 2012

The story of a purgation

There she stood with a rose in her heart!
No one noticed the petals getting
melted in her blood, but I.
Ruthlessly I asked her who she was
Her eyes then became oceans
and they were saddened
I felt they were pleading
Oh no! those eyes showered arrows of sorrow!
and her shivering lips said something
which I never foresaw
She came right here and murmured
"Oh, you don't know me?
Turn back and look back at the mirror!
Still can't you get me?
Well, I am the You whom
You were trying to smother,
who was crushed under your spells,
Yes, I am You, the You whom
You always wanted to forsake!"
Saying this she came closer to me
and washed my heart with her tears and blood
and thereafter I became Pure and Complete!

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